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The Four Types of goals

"Goals weren't created equal..."


There are four categories of goals.

Category #1:

The first type of goals are the ones easily grabbable, the ones that you only need to be there to achieve or be able to afford it.

These are the least category of goals; examples are: eating at a new restaurant, or trying a new activity, going to Disneyland per say. All you need to do is to be there, have the money and pay for it. That's it, then you achieve the goal.

Category #2:

The second type is almost an upgrade of the first one. You don't only to pay for it, but you also need to organize and plan for it and thus it's a bit challenging to achieve.

Examples are travel plans, like visiting a new country, organizing a hike or hosting a movie night. It has a bit more sense of achievement.

Category #3:

The third type of goals are the long term ones. These goals, no matter how much money you have and willing to pay, there is no way of achieving these goals except through investing yourself.

Examples can be: learning a new language, finishing a course, studying at a university, training for a marathon, body building, learning a dance, etc. These are a decent class of goals, they define what a human is. You have to have a share of these to become a better human.

These goals require consistency from your inner self. You have to have a will power to achieve the long term results.

Category #4:

Then there is the fourth type of goals, the highest in level and the noblest in purpose. The fourth category of goals is the cause-oriented goals.

It's when you have a cause that you fight for, or a change in the world around you that you want to make.

Goals that goes under these list are like: society goals (helping building homes for the poor, eliminating the hunger in an area, raising awareness, teaching people and kids, etc. )

These goals are the ones depends on external factors not only your will power. You cannot guarantee that awareness will be spread or poverty will be reduced, or children will be cured, you can only do your role and hope for the best. No matter how much will power you have and how invested you were, things still can get wrong and out of hand. That's why these are not easy to achieve.

People who pick one or two of these kinds of goals are the best -in my humble opinion. These are rare people.

The suggestion is: to have some of #1 goals and #2 goals, focus on #3 goals, and pick one (or more) of the #4 goals.

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