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  •  “Negative Sentiment Classifier” for “Microsoft” using C++

Detect news queries with negative sentiment in order to prevent showing Ads

Role: Data Extraction, Feature Engineering, Classification and integration to the pipeline


  •  “Internal VW Engine” for “Microsoft” using C++

An internal implementation of the Vowpal Wabbit compatible with the online format

Role: Adding new functionalities and support for new features.


  • “Smart Reader” for “Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar” using Java and UIMA Framework

Helps users to read and comprehend arbitrary English documents

Role: Database Design, Project Architecture, Developing and Integrating NLP Components


  • “Stretch” a leisure-time project on the Android platform using Java

A 2D puzzle game of ropes, pulleys, anchors and fire

Role: All the development: Class Design, Engine Design and Implementation


  • “Just Think SDK” as a graduation project using C#

Helps to measure, record, process and translate human brain signals into commands (BCI)

Role: Class Design, SDK Architecture, Signal Processing, Feature Extraction, Classification


  • “Multi-Agent Robots Routing using Swarm Intelligence” using C#

An algorithm and its simulation to search for and detect different kinds of radiation sources

Role: Particle Swarm Optimization, Algorithm Adaption, Performance Evaluation


  • Testing “Neuron DotNet” an open source library for Neural Networks in C#

After applying different testing criteria, 3 serious bugs were found and fixed

Role: Applying Test Criteria, Generating Test Cases, Fixing Bugs


  • “Arabic Phrase Classifier” for “Cairo Microsoft Innovation Lab (CMIC)”  using C# and CRF++

Extracts phrases considered important from arbitrary documents to be used in a tag cloud

Role: All the development: Text Preprocessing, Feature Engineering, Classification


  • “Agent-Oriented Soccer Team Players” for “RoboCup SSL Contest” using C#

Intelligent agents that can learn, communicate, and compete in a noisy soccer environment

Role: Agent Design, Q-Learning, Application Architecture, Socket programming, Class Design


  • "Timetable Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms" as a university project using C#

Given hard and soft constraints, the algorithm finds a scheduling for the specified jobs

Role: Gene Design, Crossover, Mutation, Selection Methods, Application Architecture


  • “Binary-Image Shape Detector” as a university project using C#

Takes in a binary image and classify what shape (Circle-Rectangle-Triangle) is drawn in it

Role: Image Preprocessing, Feature Extraction, Classifier Design, Application Architecture


  • “The Climate Change Game Online” for “Environmental Education Games” using PHP JavaScript and MySQL

An educational game played online through the web browser, including a multiplayer mode

Role: All the development: Database Design, Frontend/Backend Programming.


  • “Image Compression” application as a university project using C#

Takes in a collection of images, and compresses them, 2nd place in the class with respect to the achieved compression ratio

Role: All the development: Extended Huffman Compression, Application Architecture


  • “A license to kill” as a university project using C++ and DirectX 10

A 3D-game of fighting boats with graphical effects and intelligent opponents

Role: Class Design, Game Physics, 3D Sound Module, Input module


“” as a university project

Mixes, stirs, heats, and cook different ingredients together based on given recipes

Role:All the development: Machine Design, Components Assembly, Controlling Software


  • “The Climate Change Game” for “Environmental Education Games” using C#

An educational game with animations, questions, answers and scores

Role:All the development including Class design, Game Logic


  • 2-player game as a university project using X86 Assembly over the serial bus

A 2D game which allows two players to compete in a fight, over serial bus

Role: All the development: Communication Protocol Design, Game logic, IO modules


  • 2D game as a university project using C++ and Win32 Forms

An arcade 2D game, with various gun types, enemies and levels

Role: Class Design, Application Architecture, Game Logic and Save/Load module


  • “Chess Game” a leisure-time project using Visual Basic 6.0

A computer vs. human chess game that overcame the expert player of “”

Role:All the development including Min-Max approach with some modifications











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